Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (CBCT for PTSD) is a manualized therapy with the simultaneous goals of improving individual PTSD and enhancing intimate relationship functioning.

CBCT for PTSD improves the interpersonal environment in which our clients exist on a day-to-day basis and capitalizes on the support of their significant relationships while they endeavor PTSD treatment. In this way, CBCT for PTSD:

  1. helps improve relationship issues we know so often co-occur with PTSD and
  2. capitalizes on the relationship to make each individual better.

Therapists attend a workshop led by Dr. Candice Monson’s training team to learn to use this protocol. Click on Biographies to read about the training team. Upcoming workshops are listed under Training Opportunities at right.


“…I have been using your approach and it is making such a difference in lives of the couple’s that I am treating.  I have seen significant improvements in their relationships.  Your book is so well written and addresses where the couple is at the start of their journey and takes them to the place that they need to go.  It also provides guidance and support for clinicians.”
-S. M. North, RSW, MSW

“As part of my practice, I have been providing family and couple’s therapy for 30 years, and I have been using CBCT for PTSD for the last two.  I have found CBCT for PTSD to be superior in its design, in that it combines important psychoeducation, an extremely well thought out method of interpersonal skills training, and highly effective interventions for the treatment of PTSD….”

-D. Greenwald, PhD