“CBCT has been a breath of fresh air in working with active duty couples struggling to maintain relationships often torn apart by multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. It offers an integrative approach in helping couples learn to create safety, develop essential communication skills, and treat trauma like no other couples therapy I have found. I have been amazed at the way CBCT helps couples decrease their posttraumatic stress symptoms as well as rebuild empathy with one another that is so often damaged by the complexities of traumatic events. I have witnessed significant healing in couples who have engaged in CBCT and look forward to seeing the positive effects of this therapy across time.”

-Camille Zeiter, LICSW

“As part of my practice, I have been providing family and couple’s therapy for 30 years, and I have been using CBCT for PTSD for the last two.  I have found CBCT for PTSD to be superior in its design, in that it combines important psychoeducation, an extremely well thought out method of interpersonal skills training, and highly effective interventions for the treatment of PTSD. This approach has the advantage of providing a structure that builds upon itself, which then facilitates the couple’s ability to use the strength of their relationship to  successfully treat PTSD.  In addition, it provides them with the tools that they need to improve their day-to-day interactions, and to maintain the impressive reduction in PTSD symptomatology after the end of treatment.  The fact that it is a time-limited approach, which is clearly communicated at the beginning, enhances the couple’s focus on the treatment process, and gives them the message that they can indeed have a successful outcome.  Another benefit of the structure of CBCT for PTSD is that it allows the clinician to more easily monitor adherence, and when necessary, intervene in a manner that can most effectively counteract the avoidance component of PTSD.  CBCT for PTSD has the unique ability to treat PTSD and to greatly improve the relationship of the couple.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

-David J. Greenwald, PhD

Clinical Psychologist; Cincinnati VAMC; PTSD & Anxiety Disorders Division.

“…I have been using your approach and it is making such a difference in lives of the couple’s that I am treating.  I have seen significant improvements in their relationships.  Your book is so well written and addresses where the couple is at the start of their journey and takes them to the place that they need to go.  It also provides guidance and support for clinicians.”
-Shawn M. North, RSW, MSW